Monday, June 1, 2009

Crochet Mentors & Friends

I was just thinking about the many friends that I have and the ones that have passed away. I treasure the way they always help(ed) me and encourage(d) me.

When I was getting back into crochet, I went to my mom’s house and asked her if she had any books or patterns on doilies, and, of course, she did. She even found some UFO’s, so she gave them to me, along with the patterns to go with them. Of course, the patterns from the 1940s are more difficult to read than the new ones that are out now, so I asked my mom if she could help me with them, and there’s that mother daughter thing again. She isn’t very patient when it comes to her daughters and teaching them.

Mom told me to go and visit an old family friend named Mrs. Fawbush. I visited her weekly, sometimes daily. She would read me the patterns and sit patiently while I tried the stitches, and she encouraged me not to give up. She died about 10 years ago, and I still miss her.

I have tried to pass the patience and encouragement that she gave me on to my friends and students because I was once encouraged to not give up. Please share some of your stories with me about the people that have encouraged you along the way.