Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, 7/26/10 My Finished Hex On Shrug

My Fin Hex On Shrug

Do you remember from an earlier post, when I first received the Crochet Wear book, and I made the Hex On Shrug for my friend Stephanie? I loved making it and how easy it was to make the hexagons and to put them together. The whole thing took a couple of mornings. When I dropped the shrug off at my LYS Twist to display it in the windows for the month of March, I told the shop owner, Shelly, that I thought she should order the book. Since she is so nice and believes in me, she ordered the book, and the sweet thing about it was that she had just got in the same brand of yarn that the pattern called for. Of course, I couldn’t resist looking at the yarn and then falling in love with it and just had to get some of it for a Hex On Shrug for myself. Like many projects that I think I’ll start for myself, this one also fell to the wayside to make room for more important projects (like the design contest pieces and gifts).

Last Saturday, I had a few hours to try and relax, so I decided to pull my Hex On shrug in from the wayside, take it with me to Twist, and finish it. The funny thing about it was that I had all the hexagons already made and had started putting them together. In the next few hours while I was being inspired by some of my friends that hang out at the LYS, I finished sewing my hexes together and inspired some of them to purchase the Crochet Wear book. When I left Twist, all I had to do was edge the shrug and make a button closure, and I finished that up the next week. What was I waiting for, Christmas?


Anyway, I stopped by my LYS to show off my shrug, and Shelly was nice enough to take my picture while I was browsing her book section, and I think I found another book that I may just have to have. Shelly informed me that she only has two of the Crochet Wear books left after my inspirational visit on Saturday. I love it!!!!

Crochet Wear book cover
You can order your very own copy of Crochet Wear right here on CrochetSoiree!