Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday, 7/09/10 My First Christmas in July Project Completed

Xmas in july Dodge Ball
I’ve been eyeing this Dodge Ball Set crochet pattern for a long time. I was so excited that you use an empty plastic ice cream pail. Since I have a hard time throwing these away, I just happened to have one handy. This was a really fun project to make, and you’ll never guess what I stuffed my dodge balls with! I used some of my husband’s old t-shirts with a little bit of sweater remnant thrown in for good measure (I can’t seem to throw that away either). The combination of the sweater weight and t-shirt makes the dodge balls just the right weight to throw and hit someone without it hurting. I really like the basket and could see skeins of yarn stored in it, also. I might have to make another one and use it just for stash yarn.

Tell me which CAL project you started with.