Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday, 7/07/10 Gift for Co-worker's Grandbaby

Hat and Booties
Since I work for a company that’s fairly small and family owned, it seems like we’re all family. So when one of my co-workers has a baby or if they’re first time grandparents, I try to crochet the baby something. Well, one of my co-workers is a first time grandpa, and I decided to make the baby a pair of booties and a hat, and here they are. I used a combination of DMC Senso and a variegated sock yarn that has aqua, pinks, and yellows in it. Of course, I added my special touches of a flower on top and a personalized label inside.

Coworker with Gift
I couldn’t resist taking his picture as I handed him the gifts. Its fun seeing a country boy melt when he talks about his new little granddaughter named “Piper”. Now I’m off to finish the gifts for another co-worker who is having a boy in July and for another co-worker’s twin nephews who are being born soon.

Phew, what’s on your hooks?