Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, 7/12/10 Megan's Tote Made by Joshua and Tamarfied by Me

Total Crochet for the Home Book
When Joshua saw the Total Crochet for the Home book…

Multi Strip tote
…and the Multistripe Tote…

Good Friend Megan
…he thought of his good friend Megan.

He came up with the color sequence quickly and crocheted the front and the back very fast. Then it came time to hide his tails. Well, that took a while, and he kind of got side tracked and made a few hats, and one day I told him that I thought the tote should be lined, so I set out to find some fabric in my stash. Of course, when I say I’m going to line something, I don’t have a clue how I’m going to make it. I just jump in with both feet and start in. I decided to put in lots of pockets, and I wanted them to be just the right size for the items Megan carries. So I found out the measurements of her wallet and cell phone, and then, I just added some more pockets for good measure.

The lining took up most of an afternoon to make, and then I stuffed it into the crocheted tote. Well once I did that, I decided I needed to add a closure so things didn’t fall out of the bag. So I made a flap with a snap and a decorative crocheted button. Then last but not least, I just happened to have a handle that was rescued from an old purse, and it wouldn’t be complete without a cover of crochet, so I crocheted over the handle and attached the handle to some fabric tabs. I love the design process and how things just keep building…

Tamarafied Tote
…until you have this. Ta Da!!!! I was very pleased with the final product, and it was fun pulling it all together for our Megan. Her favorite thing was the little pocket that I made especially for her Chapstick.