Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday, 7/5/10 Another Idea for “Hats Off to Mother”

Flat Crocheted Piece
Ok. Sometimes or more like all the time, I go a little crazy or overboard with an idea. With these little hats from the Hats Off To Mother Free Friday Pattern, I couldn’t stop making them, and the inspirations on what do with them wouldn’t stop either. Remember when I said you could use them as a pincushion? After I stuffed the rolled up felt into the crown of the hat, I decided to make a flat crocheted piece and stitch the two pieces together at the rim of the hat for more stability.

Piece of Plastic
Well, I showed my sister what I had done, and she said that I should use something inside to keep the pins from coming out the bottom. So I decided to cut a plastic circle from a cottage cheese container lid, and then I poked holes in the circle with an awl.

Sewing Plastic
I used the holes to help with stitching the plastic to the bottom of the hat. Then I sewed the flat crocheted piece together at the edges and sewed a pin back on the back just in case someone wants to wear it as a pin. You could even sew it to a piece of elastic the size of your wrist and use it for a wrist pincushion. The possibilities are endless.