Friday, June 11, 2010

6/11/10 Free Pattern Friday: New Years Cap Crochet Pattern

New Years Cap Pattern
When I decided on this crochet pattern for this Free Pattern Friday, I thought hmm…I’m going to need to buy some of that fun fur. I had tried to crochet with it several years ago and didn’t have much luck, so I had given all of it to my daughter to make scarves out of.

My Choice of Yarns New Years Cap
Well, when I went to my local craft store, I found this really pretty color of fun fur and then found these two colors of one of my favorite yarns—Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I love that the Cotton Ease is cotton and acrylic, and it has some stretch to it, and it happened to match the fun fur just perfectly. You can purchase Cotton Ease right here at Crochet Soiree, and they have some really pretty colors. They also have novelty yarns that would work really well for this cap.

My Version of the New Years Cap
I think the cap turned out cute, and I think I know the only person that could pull it off is a friend of mine named Mimi from my LYS Twist. I hope you have as much fun making this cap as I did. Remember that this is a temporary pattern that will only be available for two weeks! Download it now!

iCrochet Adventurous Cover
And if you like great hats like this one, you need to check out the book it came from—iCrochet: Adventurous Hats & Bags by a really neat designer—Mary Estok Nolfi. It includes 11 crochet designs: a Harlequin Romance Hat (a bold pillbox shown 4 ways) and Bag; a Russian Cap and Document Bag; an Asian Influence Hat and Bag; our free New Year Cap, plus a coordinating Hat and Bag; and a Kente Colors Cap and Bag.