Friday, June 25, 2010

6/25/10 Free Pattern Friday: Dog Mat Crochet Pattern

Free Friday Dog Mat
I decided to choose another temporarily free crochet pattern for this Free Friday. Since I had some yarn left over from the New Years Cap, and the fun fur was flying already, I decided to make this Dog Mat crochet pattern. The pattern was very easy to follow, and it went very fast. I used the rest of the Lion Brand Cotton Ease and Fun Fur that I had left over from the cap, and I love how the mat feels. It’s so soft.

My Version of the Dog Mat
Here’s my version. This mat would be suitable for any dog or cat, and if you don’t have a four-legged friend of your own, it would make the perfect gift for that special friend or relative in your life that has a pet.

Crochet Essentials Cover
Have fun making this mat and let me know what kind of yarn you use on yours. This design came from a Leisure Arts leaflet called Crochet Essentials. This publication invites crocheters to enjoy creativity, relaxation, and success—all at once—by crocheting these 19 essential designs with Lion Brand® Yarn. These projects are great for anyone to create, but are especially suitable for beginners.

Remember to download the pattern right away, since it’s free for only a short amount of time.