Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday, 6/7/10 Marking Your Crocheted Items

Eyan and Alex Hats
When I was trying my hand at quilting, my sister told me that I needed to make sure to always mark my quilts with my name, date, and who I made the quilt for. That made me think about my crocheted pieces and how I should be marking them. I decided I would start adding a tag to anything that I crocheted. I knew that doilies, lace, or openweave things would be hard to mark, but I thought I had better make a tag with fabric and a permanent type marker for everything that I give away, with the date, name of recipient, and my name. Then, I would sew it in the seam of garments or the wrong side of other items. I’ve been pretty good at doing this, but…

Alexs Tag
It looks like I was in too big of a hurry to include the date on this tag and my husband just delivered the crocheted blankets to our grandsons Eyan and Alex last weekend. Oh well, maybe I can make sure that I take my permanent marker with me the next time we go and visit them and add the date.

I know you can order labels made and have them personalized with your name on them, but wouldn’t it be neat if someone could make them to have blanks to write in the date of completion and the recipient’s name? Tell me how you mark your crocheted items—or do you?