Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday, 4/23/2010 Happy Birthday Crochet Soiree!!!

Square Crocheted Cake
I was looking back at the year, and found that my first Tamara’s Take post was on April 23, 2009. We’re a year old today! I thought this little crocheted cake was appropriate for the celebration, and there are no calories in it. Ha! Ha!

Round Crocheted Cake
The inspiration for my little cake was this round cake I found in a magazine a couple of years ago. You probably know by now that I have a thing for granny squares. I decided to make my cake in the shape of a square. (If you don’t have a favorite granny square pattern, check out the book 99 Granny Squares for inspiration.) When I had the size of granny square top that I wanted, I stopped increasing on the corners, and the sides started forming. I made it the height that I wanted it and made a chocolate brown fabric cover to cover the piece of foam to stuff it with. Then I made another granny square for the bottom and crocheted the sides and the bottom together as I stuffed the foam square inside the cake.

Of course, no cake would be complete without decorations, and mine had to have some flowers, circles, and rickrack. Where the edges come together at the top, I hand sewed rick rack. Then, I added the flowers on top of the rick rack at the corners and circles in between the flowers. (If you want some cool crocheted flower designs, you need the book—Crochet Flowers For Every Wear!) Then, on the bottom, I poked a hole in rick rack and hand sewed it along the bottom where it looks like a little icing decoration. Then, I added one big flower in the center of the square at the top of the cake. I also placed little yellow pins in the centers of all the flowers and circles. My cake has a purpose too: it’s a pincushion.

How many of you have been members of Crochet Soiree since Day 1? I know there’s one special lady who has, and her name is Barbara Moore. Happy birthday Barbara and everyone else here at Crochet Soiree. Here’s to many more!!!!