Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday, 4/4/10 Memories of Past Easters

I just keep looking at these eggs and thinking that they need some little crocheted jackets. Oh well, another project to think about when I have nothing else to do. Ha! Ha! That brings me to this story about Easter Memories. I was going through some of my Easter decorations and found the pretty plastic eggs and the basket that I used to use as a little girl for my Easter eggs. No wonder I love all of these colors, and I love the little bunny that I picked up for Megan, too. I started to remember when I was a little younger than Megan and found these pictures of some of my dresses. Of course, my mom made our dresses, and it seemed like we would get a new dress and a pair of pretty white shoes at Easter time or maybe it was just the clothes that she made for different seasons, and they just happened to land around Easter. I’m not sure, but I wanted to share with all of you a few of my pictures from Easters past.

Easter April 1959
1959—I remember this picture with my cousin Ruthie and my sister on a quilt in our old kitchen at home. We had a lot of family there from Oklahoma spending the holiday with us, and my mom made my dress and Jackie’s and probably the quilt on the floor. I’m sure it was an overall quilt (or jean quilt) because my Mom doesn’t put any of her quilts on the floor unless they are made from jeans or overalls. I loved how my dress stood out, and I remember twirling in it.

Easter February 1960
In February 1960, it looks like we got some more new dresses, and I love this picture of my mom holding Jackie.

Easter March 1961
March 1961—This picture was taken just before my Uncle Oris’ wedding (I was the flower girl), and, of course, my mom made my dress and Jackie’s. I still have the dress, hat, basket, and bracelet that I wore in this picture.

Easter September 1961
September 1961—It looks like we were still able to wear the dresses from the wedding on one of our trips to Oklahoma, and we’re standing with our cousins Darla (Sis), Sue, and Ruthie. I can’t believe my mom let us wear those white dresses and shoes in the red mud of Oklahoma. I seem to remember someone carrying me out there and placing me on the mud. Ha! Ha!

Now when I look back at the pictures, I still wonder how my mom was able to make all the clothes that she did and keep the house clean, laundry done, and food on the table. But she did, and I don’t think she would change a thing. I know I wouldn’t.

Hope you have a lovely Easter! Tell me about your Easters past.