Friday, April 16, 2010

4/16/10 Free Pattern Friday: Tea Jacket Bouquet

Tea Jacket Bouquet Crochet Project
The weather is getting warmer, and my thoughts have turned to cold drinks since along with the warm weather comes the humidity here in Kansas. Because of the humidity, I like to grab a little jacket for my glass to help with the sweating process, so I picked these Tea Jacket Bouquet crochet patterns for this week’s Free Friday.

My Flower Tea Jacket
Since I made the last tea jackets, we have managed to break most of the glasses that I purchased especially for them. Fortunately, I still have my 35-year-old, reliable harvest gold glasses that have held up through the years, and I think my little “Tea Jacket Bouquet” looks pretty cute on one of them, and it fits like it was made especially for it. I used Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread, and I loved making the front post and back post stitches on the base of the jacket, and I hope you have fun making your tea jackets, too.