Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday, 5/10/10 Another One Hooked

Jackie and Granny Squares
I remember meeting Ms. Jackie at my LYS about 3 years ago. She was always interested in what I was crocheting, and I was always curious about what she was knitting. She would always say that she was going to really learn to crochet one of these days. Ms. Jackie is an amazing knitter, and she can even knit while she is looking at you and talking. I’m still amazed at what knitters can make.

Anyway, last Saturday, I walked into Twist, and I was welcomed by the knitters table and, as always, I stopped to chat and see what everyone was working on. To my amazement, Ms. Jackie was sitting with a Crochet Today magazine and some nice little piles of crocheted granny squares. She looked up at me and said, “I’m crocheting and have finished a hexagon table cover.” I sighed and said, "Do you like to crochet?" Ms. Jackie said, “Yes” and that she was having so much fun crocheting. This made me smile, and I told her and the knitters, “Yes! I’ve hooked another one.” Ha! Ha!

Tell me about some of the people you have hooked. (And, oh, if you think you might be hooked on making crocheted granny squares, you need to check out this book: Great Grannies! The seven scrap afghan patterns it offers prove that grannies don’t have to be square!)