Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, 5/24/10 A Gift for Doug’s Babies

Booties and Bag of Washcloths
As soon as I read the Leisure Arts Boutique Blog and found out that our own Crochet Soiree Website Guru Doug and was expecting twin girls, I was so excited to get started on a little gift for his family. When I found this little ceramic gift bag vase at the thrift store a month or two ago, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I knew I wanted to make some washcloths or dishcloths and put them in it, but now it had a purpose. I went to town making the two pairs of booties and decided to make one pair a pale pink and the other pair a little darker pink. I used DMC Senso, and I think they turned out really cute.

Then, I made two baby washcloths out of Patons Grace yarn and used two of the patterns for the Vintage Potholders from my Total Crochet for the Home book. Of course, I only used one thickness and no loops. Then I made a bigger washcloth more open weave out of some nice cotton yarn that I had in my stash from Twist the yarn shop for the new Mama to have for herself. Sorry Doug, I didn’t end making you anything, but there’s always next time. Anyway, I think you will have fun using the washcloths during bath time and watching those little booties kicking on those beautiful little baby girls. Congratulations and Good Luck!