Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, 5/19/10 Crocheted Graduation Gifts

Amigurumi Graduation Gifts
I just had to share with you an idea that I had for giving some of Joshua’s friends as graduation gifts. A lot of Joshua’s friends know that I crochet (duh?). Anyway, they see me making things, or I have shown them what I’m making or have made, and one of their favorite things is amigurumi animals.

Amy Gaines’ Cute Little Animals book is a great source for crocheted amigurumi. I made my little animals from some Patons Grace yarn, and they turned out really small, but I love them, and you know cute small is. I decided to give five of his closest friends one each. I thought they looked so pretty here in their colorful bags.

I remember when I graduated from high school, one of my favorite graduation gifts was from one of my mentors. Her name was Mrs. Fawbush, and she helped me with crochet directions on doilies when I first started making them. She gave me a knitted shawl for my graduation gift, and I cherished it. I hope these girls like their little graduation gifts as much I loved mine.

Does anyone else out there make crocheted graduation gifts? If so tell me what you’ve made.