Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gifts For & From My Friend Tami

Tami and I have exchanged birthday and Christmas gifts for quite some time, and this year was no exception. I feel sorry for anyone that exchanges gifts with me because my birthday is so close to Christmas. This year for my birthday, Tami gave me a gift certificate to Twist (my LYS) and a crochet with wire book. (I’m going to have to try this out sometime!) Then for Christmas, she gave me a little space heater for under my desk at work because my desk is in the direct line of the north entrance and the door to the warehouse (which isn’t heated). Plus she gave me this really neat blue soft throw that has blanket stitching all the way around it.

Blue Throw

It’s just screaming for me to edge it with a little crochet trim, yet another project to get to in my spare time. Ha! Ha!

Birthday Cake

Another friend of mine, Sheri, gave me this yummy piece of birthday cake, and the next morning, I didn’t know which to choose for breakfast: cake or…


…oatmeal. I was good and ate all of my oatmeal and two bites of my cake.


My gifts to Tami were these fingerless gloves and ear warmers. The pattern I used for the ear warmer was in the most recent Crochet Today magazine, and it was the first time that I made anything with crocheted cables. Wow, they are so much fun. Doesn’t she look nice and warm?

Tell me about some of the things that you have received for gifts or what you’ve made for other people.