Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time with My Sister

My sister Jackie called me the day after Christmas and asked if I would like to come by to see the proofs from her new fabric line. And you know me…I’m always up for another distraction away from what I really need to be doing (like ironing, mending, and crocheting). I did stick my little orange pouch with my crochet essentials in my bag just in case. Ha! Ha! Jackie had mentioned that she was in the middle of repairing some of her jewelry. I could hardly wait to see what she was working on.

Jackies Husband

When I arrived, I was greeted by Jackie’s husband, Mark, who directed me downstairs to Jackie’s studio…

Jackie and her beading

…where I found her restringing one of her turquoise necklaces. She also warned me not to take pictures of her because she didn’t have any lipstick on.

Jackie stopped restringing her necklace to show me the proofs of her new fabric line with Benartex and guess what she convinced Benartex to print in her line!!!! A faux crochet flannel made from one of my crochet pieces. I can’t wait to see the actual fabric. I know all you crocheters can’t imagine anyone not wanting to crochet, but there are people out there that don’t or can’t. This faux crochet flannel will give the quilters that don’t want to stop quilting a chance to add the look of crochet to their quilts or projects without actually crocheting. Which I think is cool, too.

Anyway, Jackie has a way of inspiring me and a few other people to join in on whatever she’s working on--especially if you’re in her studio. Who wouldn’t want to, with all her lovely beads and jewelry findings?

Me Beading a Bracelet

So here I am, fixing a bracelet for her. I ended up adding too many beads, and it was too big for her. Oh well, looks like I got a new bracelet. Did anyone notice the crochet hook on the beading tray? I needed to use it to make the opening a little bigger to get the bead to go on the elastic beading thread.

My New Bracelet

Check out my new bracelet!

Jackies Crocheted Scarf

It’s so much fun just hanging out with my sister--laughing, talking, and inspiring each other. She was so inspired by my crocheting that she decided to design a scarf for herself. I just love it, and I’m going to help her figure out a way to add a loop on it to thread one end over the other.

So Jackie, how did I do with not taking a picture of you without lipstick? Ha! Ha!