Monday, January 18, 2010

Joshua Learns to Crochet

Joshua Learning to Crochet

I have been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time. For many years now, I have noticed every once in a while that my son will watch me crochet. As soon as I look up, he will look away. I have asked him many times whether he would like for me to teach him, and he always says no. Well, over the Christmas break, he said, “I think I’m ready to learn to crochet now, and I know I can learn because I’m a natural since I have watched you and Jenny for a lot of years.” At the time he told me this, we were at my sister-in-law’s house, and I didn’t have an extra hook or the right kind of yarn with me to start him out. As soon as he woke up the next day, I asked him if he was still ready to learn to crochet and much to my surprise, he said, “Yes.”


The only size J hook I had was a fuchsia pink one (this didn’t deter him either, another surprise), and I wanted to use a lighter color yarn so that he could see his stitches, so I used a skein of “Vanna’s Choice” acrylic yarn in gold. I made a chain of 21 and then made 20 sc back and forth until I had 10 rows, then I called for him to come and try his hand at it. I told him that it’s harder than it looks, but he still picked up the hook, and I told him where to place the hook and how to pull the yarn through, and I have to admit, HE IS a natural crocheter. Within two minutes, he knew where to make the sc. He continued on to complete 2 more rows, and I asked him if he was ready to try a new stitch, and he said he was. So I started him on a double crochet. He admitted this stitch was a little more complicated, but he never gave up and completed three rows of doubles. I told him he was on his way to making a scarf, and he said he would like to make it for one of his friends. I told him that most crocheters give their things away to friends, and he smiled. I went out and bought him a more manly steely gray crochet hook and dark purple, light purple, and white yarn because purple is his friend's favorite color. I am going to show him how to start out with the chain this time, and I’ll make sure I keep you posted on his progress.

Can I say I’m very proud?