Thursday, January 28, 2010

John and Fuzz from Wool Sweaters

Let me tell you a little something about my dear husband John. He hates fuzz, little pieces of string or thread, grass, or anything that is on our carpet. He spends a lot of time picking up all these things up off of the carpet, as our carpet is brown and shows all of them very well. Just to be ornery, I have thrown little pieces of thread down to see how long it takes him to see them and pick them up. I guarantee you--it’s only a matter of seconds after he comes into the room. Anyway, that’s what is so funny about this little story about sweater fuzz.

Black Socks and Sweater Fuzz

John came downstairs grumbling about the fuzz that he kept finding on the floor where he had walked. He said that it was some of the fuzz from the sweaters that I had felted last weekend. He pulled up his jean leg and showed me his sock, and I just started cracking up laughing and remembering that I had used his jeans as the friction that the sweaters needed in the dryer to help with the felting process. No wonder he has sweater fuzz on his socks. Huh?

A Little Dance

I couldn’t resist taking this picture as he was trying to stomp the fuzz out of his pants. Ha! Ha!