Saturday, January 23, 2010

Inga’s Crocheted Bag

LA Photo of Bag

A couple of years ago, some of the KS My Stitch guild members joined in on one of the monthly programs and set out to make this bag. I was one of them, but I knew that my sister would not have the time or patience to take on this project, so I decided to make hers for her. I wanted her to have a new bag to carry with her to the Spring Quilt Show in Portland, Oregon. I had learned to do the bullion stitch and had decided to use little bullion flowerlike circles for the added embellishments in each square. I finished it off by adding a double lining and some recycled handles. I just love how the yellow contrasts against the colors of the squares.

My Inga Bag

Then I decided I had better get to work on my own bag and chose a different square, which ended up being larger than her square. Then I attached all the squares together, and after a year, I decided to sew the lining and add some pockets on the inside and put the handles on it. But I’m still not quite done with it as I’m going to crochet around some large buttons and add the crocheted buttons to the center of my squares for the added embellishments.

As I have found with most things that I end up making for myself, the projects don’t always get done right away. Oh well, another thing to finish this year. Huh… If anyone is interested, here’s the link to the pattern for the bag and hope you like making it. too: