Monday, November 16, 2009

Break from Crochet

Last Saturday was just another typical Saturday at my house. I had planned to have a working day all day. I needed to concentrate on writing instructions for the book that I’m submitting to Leisure Arts. My husband, bless his heart, he had the day off, and he had plans to run some errands and go to my mom and dad’s house to work on my car.

Time seems to stand still for him until other people move in the house. Anyway I went to get in the shower, but Joshua was getting up and had to be at rehearsal in thirty minutes, so I reluctantly headed for my ironing pile to iron a few pieces while waiting for the shower. Then the doorbell rang, and my husband went to the door to find Megan (one of Joshua’s friends). She came in and realized that she had just locked her purse with her keys in it in the car. So now my husband is on the move to help try and unlock her car door.

Joshuas Friend Megan

Megan is one of the girls that I’ve taught to crochet, and she loves to crochet when she has the time and told me that it helps her relax. I offered to get her a hook and yarn to pass the time, but they were already late for rehearsal, and no, my husband wasn’t successful in opening the car door. Megan’s mother had to come over and rescue her purse and keys which she left with me as Joshua and Megan had to leave in our car. My husband was off to fix my car, and I was left to take my shower and leave to go to my great niece's (Baby Ava's) first birthday party. I didn’t get my crochet instructions typed up, but there’s always tomorrow.

I Can't Believe DVD

I Cant Believe Kit

Oh, and by the way, if you have a beginner who wants to learn to crochet, take a look at the I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting DVD or even the whole I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting Kit to get started. You can find them in the Crochet Soiree store.