Saturday, November 14, 2009

Susan the Die Hard Knitter's Favorite Crochet Stitch

Susan the Die Hard Knitter Part 2

Rosina and I arrived at Twist as they were opening. We were greeted by Susan, and I asked her how she had been doing. She said that she had been working all week as Shelly had been really sick.

Susan shared with me that she had been crocheting lots of scarves and couldn’t seem to stop crocheting doubles. She said that she knows that she could graduate and go to another stitch, but while she is working some extended hours, she only has the strength when she gets home to make doubles.

Susan has made about fifteen scarves, and I think she’s going to give some to charity. She says that crocheting seems easy for her when she is too tired to do anything else. We have another one hooked. (Ha! Ha!) I understand how she feels about doubles because doubles are easy for me, too. Tell me about the stitches that are mindless for you.

Triple Cover

Sample Stitches Cover

Cable Stitches Cover

And, just in case you are ready to move beyond double crochets, check out these three books from the queen of stitches designer Darla Sims: Triple Play Pattern Stitches, 63 Sampler Stitches to Crochet, and 63 Cable Stitches. I think you might like them.