Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Great Great Aunt Martha

Aunt Martha

This is a picture of my Great Great Aunt Martha with two of my nieces, my daughter, and my nephew (notice the crocheted booties on my daughter and my nephew?). She was 79 years old in the picture, and she was one of my aunts that inspired me to crochet. (She also tried to teach me to tat, but I didn’t have the patience for that at the time.) She and her husband had no children of their own, so they treated my brothers, sister, and me like their grandchildren. My mom and dad always made sure that they were taken care of when it came to help with their yard work and such. When it was time for Aunt Martha to give up her home and move into the Masonic Home, she allowed all of us to come over to her house and choose some items that we wanted as she couldn’t take a lot with her. This is what I picked out of her things to keep:

Book Doily Thimble

The thimble has a LR engraved on it, and I think it may have been her mother’s; the book has folded up tablet paper in the back with her handwriting on it. There are school lessons and some drawings of stick people with a date of 1911 on them. The doily is especially sentimental to me because it is crocheted.

I had to have been around 16 or 17 when I chose these. I think this aunt had a lot of influence on my collecting crochet, too. Now every time I see a doily that is made with this pattern, I have to purchase it. So far I have three pieces.

When Aunt Martha moved into the Masonic Home, she would join all of the other ladies in craft bazaars and sell her items. I don’t know how many granny square afghans she sold and for a little of nothing. I wish I had one of those afghans. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to settle for one that I make myself. Ha! Ha!

Tell me about the people that influenced you to crochet.