Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving and Crochet

Every year, my mom vows that this year will be her last year of having Thanksgiving at her house. She tried it one year, but her grandchildren complained so loudly that it just wasn’t Thanksgiving without going to Grandma Kingery’s house, that she hasn’t tried it since. I know my mom will continue to cook the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and gravy as long as she can. Of course, everyone else brings something. I think I’ve mentioned that we have a very large family, and there are usually at least fifty people off and on at her house throughout Thanksgiving Day. As for my mom, she always says, “The more the merrier.”


Last year, Sarah (one of my many nieces and two of her sister-in-laws, I guess they are my niece-in-laws) thought they would like to learn to crochet. And, of course, I’m always ready to teach someone as I always have my trunk yarn with me, and I always have extra hooks, just in case. Before two hours were up, all of them had learned to crochet, and two of them had decided that they were going to make hats. So I showed them how to crochet in the round and increase. The other one was content to crochet back and forth for a while longer. I’ll make sure I ask them this year if they are still crocheting, I can hardly wait. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and be safe.

I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting

And if you’re looking for a great book for teaching yourself or someone else to crochet, check out—I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting. You can get it at the Soiree Store.