Monday, November 23, 2009

My Flower Scarf Project

Flower Scarf

When I first started teaching crochet at the yarn shop “Twist”, I kept petting all the yarn. I’m really attracted to the cottons and cotton blends. I love all the color choices, and the yarn this scarf is made from was no exception. This yarn kept calling to me every time I walked by it. The yarn is from Berroco, and it’s called “Love It”. It is 58% cotton, 38% Acrylic, and 4% Polyester, so it has a little bit of a stretch to it.

I kept looking at this yarn and thinking that with crochet anything you make takes quite a bit, and this yarn only has 120 yds in each skein. Usually, when I want to try out a new yarn, I just make a scarf. So that is what I decided to do.

I picked the skein that had some turquoise in it and just started making doubles back and forth. What I love about this type of variegated yarn is that you never know what color is going to end up where. I think I’ve said before that double crochets are mindless for me, and that’s why I chose that stitch, plus I was thinking that I could teach this in one of my classes if it was simple enough.

I really didn’t set out to write the directions for this scarf, but when I decided to add flowers to each end, Shelly (the owner of the yarn shop) loved it so much that she told me I needed to hold a class and offer the pattern. So that’s what I did and taught a small group of women to crochet this scarf. I had fun making it, designing it, writing the directions, and teaching it.