Monday, June 22, 2009

First Day of Summer

Ah! Yesterday was the first day of summer, the day most people are thinking of when they might be going to the lake or taking that summer vacation. My thoughts are drawn more to what crocheted items will I be able to wear now that it’s hot outside. The more you know me, the more you will find out that my wardrobe is not complete without some crochet. I was so happy when I found this pair of socks that I had embellished last summer with crochet and beads.

crochet embellished sock

Then, as I was putting them on, I remembered this:

crochet embellished sock with hole

All the beads that I strung on and all the holes that I poked. Ha! Ha! Oh man, to darn or not to darn? That is the question! What do you all think? What fun things are you working on this summer?