Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top-sy Turvy Top


I was looking through my books the other day and came upon this book of patterns for little girls--Top-sy Turvy Tops. Since my little girl is all grown up, I thought about my granddaughter--Megan. I had some thread left over from my CGOA design contest entry and all of the colors that I love and one of them was pink, which is my Megan’s favorite color.

Top-sy Turvy Crochet Top

Of course the thread was not the same size as the designer called for, but I thought, that’s ok. I’ll just go up a couple sizes in the pattern and use those instructions with this thread. Well, you know me and gauge (I just can’t get it); I thought the top would be ok since Megan is so tiny anyway. I was wrong again, and the sweater was way too small even for her.

My Rendition of Top-sy Turvy Crochet Top

Oh well, I gave the top to my sister's granddaughter--baby Ava. It will look so cute on her this coming winter with a pair of leggings and long sleeved onesie underneath. I will show you as soon as she grows into it since she will be a year old on October 31st.

Megan’s Crochet Label

And I already have this great tag for Miss Megan’s special crocheted item, whatever that might be.