Saturday, June 13, 2009

KS My Stitch Field Trip

Tamara's KS My Stitch Field Trip Haul

As president of KS My Stitch, it’s my responsibility to organize outside activities, so I organized a field trip for our group. I had 14 people sign up. By the time the day came to go, we had four people going. So I waited in the parking lot that we agreed to meet in, hoping that more people would show up. But guess what? There were only two, plus me. They were Paula and Jinna. I gave them the option of calling it off or to go ahead and go. We all were unanimous in our decision to go. So off we went.

First stop was the Antique store that my sister, my friend, and I had gone to the month before. Jinna decided that her house was full of too many treasures just like the shop's, so she didn’t find anything. Paula said that she grew up around some of the things that she seen, so she left empty handed. But oh not me. I found some crocheted things, flowers from a millinery box that the owner had just brought in, and a turquoise hair dryer that didn’t have a handle, but oh my gosh, it was turquoise, I couldn’t pass it up. All of these things came home with me.

Jinna's Scarf made from KS My Stitch Haul

Next stop was the yarn store; I think we all found something that we couldn’t live without. Paula even saw a friend in the store that had come to the guild meetings once upon a time. They caught up with things, and Paula ended up teaching her a new stitch. Jinna later showed us a scarf she crocheted up in one of the yarns that she purchased at the yarn store. I’m still thinking about what I’m going to make with mine.

Then it was time to eat, we went to the little cafe on the corner and had soup and sandwiches. We decided to wait and have dessert on the trip home.

Our next stop was the Goodwill Store. That’s where I found a few more things that couldn’t be left behind. Jinna even found 10 skeins of the same color of yarn really cheap. I found a lime green straw purse that I'll take the handles off of to use on one of my skirt purses, and there were some really cute flowers that I plan on using for embellishment.

Then, it was time to head back home. On our way home, we stopped at a restaurant in an Amish community where they sell homemade food, pies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls the size of a dinner plate. We all had a piece of pie, and we all agreed that it was the perfect ending of a wonderful day. We were kind of glad that it was such a small group; we got to travel in the same car and get to know each other better. Jinna also agreed to let us use her cabin near the river for our summer retreat. A weekend full of crochet and food, what a way to have fun!