Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Cup Covers

My Husband's Crochet Cup Cover

On Sundays, my husband loves to go outside and sit on the lawn swing with his cup of coffee and the newspaper, but he always complains that bugs and flies get in his coffee. He hates to dump his coffee out, so I came up with a solution--The Summer Coffee Cup Cover.

It couldn’t be too lacey as flies and bugs could still fit through the holes, and, besides that, my husband doesn’t like lacey. My husband does like to make jewelry, so he has plenty of beads and baubles that I could use. He gave me some options, and these glass beads seemed to work the best. Later he told me that I had picked some of most expensive beads for his cup cover, and they were hand-painted glass beads. I told him he was worth it. and they are just the right weight to hold the cover down in our Kansas winds.

My Summer Crochet Cup Cover

Of course, I had to make another one just for me, and I wondered if buttons would work. I had purchased these vintage buttons from Tinsel Trading Company at the International Quilt Festival last year, and I think they work great, too. Just make sure that you pick buttons that will thread onto your needle and also allow the thread to pass through the button. This was a fun summer project, and you could use up some of your excess beads or buttons. Just have fun with it.