Friday, June 26, 2009

Free Friday Pattern: Lacy Coaster

Lacy Coaster

I chose this free Lacy Coaster crochet pattern for this week's Free Pattern Friday project. I started it while I was waiting for my sister to go through surgery. It was fast and easy, and while I worked, lots of people talked to me about crochet. I love to pull out my crochet in waiting rooms and see how many people comment on it. Some of them say, "Wow, crochet is a dying art," where others say that they love to crochet, too, but they haven’t done it in a long time. They say that I’ve inspired them to pick up their hooks again, and that always makes me happy.

Lacy Coasters

How do you like my take on the coasters? I really enjoyed making them with the bright colored threads.)

(By the way, my sister came through her surgery fine and is back home recovering.)

Please tell me about some of the different or weird places that you have crocheted.