Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Unknown Woven Mats and Coasters

Woven Pieces

I guess I have started another collection. I can’t stop collecting these woven pieces.

Field Trip Find

When we went on our Guild Field Trip, I found the white ones with blue. The set consists of one long piece with two small coaster-like pieces. I talked at length to Paula and Jinna about my obsession with these woven pieces. They told me that they are made on a loom.

Why have I not heard about this loom thing before and how does it work? I think Jinna even said that she has one. The hunt is on now. I have to find a loom and instructions on how to make these cute woven things and find out all the things I can make for future generations to find in second hand stores and wonder about.

Does anyone out there know anything about these cute woven pieces?