Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poke-A-Hole-In-It Method

Mom's Poked Holes

As I stated before, I was visiting my Mom’s on Mother’s Day and looked around at her tables and the things she had displayed. She has a quilt as a wall hanging, quilts on quilt racks, and quilts on every bed. She has doilies and dresser scarves made of linen) on every table. I started noticing a trend. I told her that I must have inherited the Poke-A-Hole-In-It Method from her. We laughed, and I took pictures of all the things that she has poked a hole in that she still has).

Mom's Poked Holes 2

DMom's Poked Holes 3

Mom's Poked Holes 4

She also buys linen dresser scarves with half finished embroidery on them, and she feels the need to finish these pieces, and, of course, she needs to poke a hole in it and crochet around the edge.

Mom's Poked Holes 5

I had fun taking pictures of some of things that she pokes holes in. She has drawers full of baby blankets with holes poked in them and crocheted around and some finished dresser scarves with holes poked in them with crochet around them, also.

She’s Poke-A-Hole-In-It Mama.