Friday, June 5, 2009

Free Pattern Case of Lace

Free Crochet Pattern

It's Friday, again! And don't you love today's Free Crochet Pattern Friday offering--A Case of Lace?

I’m not sure why I always want to change up a pattern when I’m making something. I don’t think I’m the only one that likes to do this either. It must be curiosity. What if I use a different size of yarn or thread? What will happen? It’s not like the designer hasn’t figured the whole thing out for me already.

DMC Senso

Anyway, for my Case of Lace, I went to my yarn stash and found some DMC Senso 100% Cotton. I hadn’t crocheted with it for a while, and I like the feel of this yarn (I really especially love the microfiber cotton by DMC Senso) gliding through my fingers and the texture of the stitches. I just love it!

Free Crochet Pattern

Since I decided to use the bigger yarn, of course, my design turned out wider than the actual pattern is supposed to be. I still like it anyway.

free crochet pattern eyeglass case

Oh well, maybe the 70’s eyeglasses will come back in style?

Have fun with this pattern, and tell me about your adventures with different yarns.

Happy Crocheting!