Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Friday Finds

The Friday before Labor Day, I decided to start off my weekend by stopping by a store that’s run by one of the churches here in Wichita. I always seem to find something in there. Some of the ladies from the church volunteer to run the store, and they are always so nice and helpful.

Friday Finds

I walked in and my eyes went directly to a table that had crocheted pieces. It looked like they had set them there just for me. Of course, I found quite a few things that I couldn’t live without. I even found some turquoise thread that had never been used and a portion of a ball of green thread. I have such a hard time finding both of these colors.

Friday Finds Hooks

Anyway, when I was looking in the glass display case at the register, one of the ladies asked if I would be interested in looking at some hooks since I had the crochet pieces in my hand. I told her of course I would love to look at them. Well I found some of those that I couldn’t live without, too.

Size I Steel Crochet Hook

Take a look at the very large hook. I have never seen a size I steel hook, but now I own one. Isn’t that cool? I can’t wait to actually try using it and see how long my hands will hold up to the weight. Ha! Ha!