Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sewing Notions

Sewing Notions

When I started on some of the last few projects that I have been working on, I knew sewing would be involved. I said earlier that I have to drag out my sewing machine, but it’s more like dragging things off of my sewing machine because I never put my sewing machine away. I just pile things around it. Anyway, it’s that dreaded thing about cleaning out my sewing/craft room, and there is just always something more important to do. (Like crochet!)

The other day when I decided to finish up some of my UFOs, I thought about all the things that I need when I sew, and I wondered if it’s the same things that all of you use, too. I love my turquoise scissors that my sister gave me and my old pair of snippers that I cut threads with (the same pair that I used in Home Ec when I was in junior high and high school).

Chopstick and strap

If you are wondering about the chopsticks, they are fun things to have. When my sister and I were in Houston at the last quilt show, we were finishing up eating our dinner of Chinese food when my sister asked the waitress for a set of chopsticks. I didn’t know she ate with chopsticks and asked her about it. She said that she used them to turn her loops and push into the corners of sewn things. I decided I needed a set of chopsticks, too, and found they came in very handy when I was turning the straps for Megan’s top.

What are some of the notions you need to have by your side to sew with?