Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Sister's Crochet Project

September 2008

My sister Jackie decided to take on a crochet project. She wanted to make her soon-to-be-born granddaughter a quilt, and then she wanted to poke-a-hole-in-it and crochet around the edge of it. The quilt part of it came together easily for her since she is a quilter, but the crochet part seemed to be more of a challenge.

March 2009

I tried to help her out by telling her about a tip that I had received about placing a wing needle into your sewing machine and simply running stitches along the edge of your quilt, just to make a little hole in the fabric. But I don’t think I mentioned to her that when your hook goes into the fabric, it doesn’t always go down into the second layer of fabric in the same place. Anyway she called me one day and said that she had broken her steel crochet hook, and she now had a neck ache and shoulder ache so bad that she couldn’t raise her arm above her head. I asked her how she managed to break a steel crochet hook, and she said “I don’t know, but I did.” I asked her if she wanted me to finish the crocheted edging for her and she said, “NO, I’m going to do it myself.” So I said ok. Her shoulder and neck healed, and she continued on.

July 2009

Jackie brought her crochet project with her to every crochet guild meeting that she attended since that’s the only time that she had time to crochet on it. I would talk to her about it each time she would bring it out, and she would ask me for directions each time because it would be one or more months between times, so she would forget how to work the shell pattern. And I would tell her again each time.

August 2009

One meeting about two months ago, one of our crochet guild members sat down with her, watched her crochet, and diagnosed the problem. She told Jackie that her hook had a big scratch in it that kept getting the yarn hung up on it. She needed a new hook. Well, at break, they told me about it, and I went right over to my hooks and pulled out a new hook for her to use, and she completed her granddaughter’s quilt with crocheted edging all by herself at that same meeting.

Baby Ava will be a year old next month, and maybe, she will get a pretty quilt made by her Granny with crocheted edging for one of her gifts. I’m so proud of Jackie for sticking to it and finishing the quilt. Congratulations Jackie!