Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Friends, Family, and Collections

Collars Yokes and Trims

One of my husband’s sisters (Andrea) is so kind to me. She helps me out with my collection of crocheted trims. Isn’t it nice to have friends and family in your life that helps with your collections?

Andrea knows a lady that crochets and makes collars, yokes, and trims, and she shares them with me. Some of the ones that she has given to me are old, and some are new. When she was in Spain a couple of months ago, she found a piece of pineapple crocheted lace for me. All of these the pieces that she gives me are special and mean a lot to me simply because she gave them to me. If I do nothing with these pieces of lace, I still love to look at them.

Bucilla book

My cousin Kevin even found this old book and thought of me. It has patterns for collars, lace trimmings, and yokes, and the book has a copyright date of 1917 on it. The patterns are all charts. Can you believe they used charts back then, too? You just don’t mess with things that still work.