Friday, February 26, 2010

Free Pattern Friday: Floral Suncatchers Crochet Patterns

Suncatches Free Crochet Patterns

I chose these Floral Suncatchers crochet patterns today because I would just like to see the sun. I’m a little tired of the clouds and the wintry mix of moisture that has hit this winter. We’re expecting more snow in my neck of the woods. Oh well, only 6 more weeks! Maybe these Floral Suncatchers will finally get to catch some rays. Ha! Ha!

I used a size 10 steel crochet hook and size 10 thread, and my suncatchers still ended up being bigger than the pattern says they’re supposed to be.

Suncatcher 10 inches

My suncatchers ended up being 10"…

Suncatcher 12 inches

and 12" instead of 8" and 10".

I hope you have as much fun making these as I did.