Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Aunt Marthie’s Visit

My Mom and Aunt Marthie

I love this picture of my mom and her sister, Aunt Marthie. Last weekend, Aunt Marthie was here to visit, and they stopped by my house. I hadn’t seen my aunt for several years, and it’s always good to spend time her. She’s one of those aunts that you just love to be around, and she was always the fun one. When we would go and visit her, we would put jigsaw puzzles together, play the piano, go swimming, and whatever else the kids wanted to do.

She is always interested in what I’m doing and, of course, wanted to know what I had been working on. So I showed her a few things, and she confided in me that she always wanted to learn to read a crochet pattern. She also told me that she had learned to crochet from her sister-in-law who is left-handed. The things that my aunt crochets are things like very simple afghans, and I taught her how to make the baby booties that my family has been crocheting for about 50 years. Aunt Marthie told me that she has always wanted to crochet doilies but had never had anyone to teach her how to read a pattern.

Aunt Marthie and Bag of Goodies

Since Aunt Marthie was going to be here for a few days and hadn’t brought anything with her to work on, I decided to make her a little crochet care package of Teach a Group of Kids to Crochet by Kay Meadors, a ball of DMC Senso, hooks, and a bag to carry it all in.

I told her that the book had some easy patterns in it for her to follow and explains how to make the basic stitches and what all they are called. All she needs now is a pad of post it notes, and she should be good to go. I emailed her yesterday, and she said that she had taken the book out a couple of times, and she had gotten interrupted each time. But she said that she would let me know as soon as she dug into it. I wish she lived closer so that I could help her with reading patterns. She really is a fast learner and “Smart” (that’s the nickname that my mom named her when she was a child). Isn’t that cute?