Saturday, February 27, 2010

The New Yarn and the Crocheted Hexagon Granny Baby Jacket

Remember when I told you that I couldn’t stop making Hexagon Granny Baby Jackets? Well, last weekend, when I took them to show my sister Jackie, she said she wanted me to make one to fit her. Well, since I usually spoil my sister, I thought…Hey, that new yarn would probably look pretty neat in a jacket in her size. They have all the colors that she likes, and her request gave me an excuse to go and buy all the colors that they had. I started to make the hexagon and then decided that it needed a little contrasting color, so I picked up some of my leftover sock yarn and got to this point…

Start of Jackies Jacket

I got to thinking, man this is going to take forever to make an adult-size jacket from this small yarn. Then I thought, you know if the jacket looks cute in infant and toddler sizes, wouldn’t it look cute really small? That made me think, hmmmm…the only tiny thing that I could think of that was that small was Darla Dearlin. Remember the bear that I crocheted from the Summer Bear Free Friday Pattern? So I decided that Darla was going to be the recipient of the jacket.

Choosing a button

I was positive I could find just the right button for her jacket from this assortment, and I chose a little pinkish button. I think the jacket turned out pretty darned cute.

Darlas Jacket

What do you think? Sorry Jackie, cute and tiny won over adult-size jacket this time.