Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Yarn I Found

New Yarn

I can’t believe I found this yarn. It reminds me of the yarn I used to use when I first started crocheting. I just remember a fine yarn that had a sparkle or thin shiny thread running through it. I used to make baby sweaters, hats, and afghans out of the sparkly yarn. Does anyone else remember that yarn and what its name was? This new yarn calls for a size 1 steel hook, and that’s the size that I used to make my crocheted booties.

Baby Booties

One of the men that I work with saw the aqua bootie that I made and asked if I would be willing to make his brand-new granddaughter a pink pair. Of course, I couldn’t resist going and getting more yarn that evening and whipping this pair of booties up for his new granddaughter. Since I had forgotten to take a picture of them, he was kind enough to hold the booties so that I could take a quick photo. He was so cute and had to show everyone that came into his office those little pink booties.