Friday, February 19, 2010

Free Pattern Friday: Pretty Purse Set Crochet Patterns

FF Pretty Purse Set Crochet Pattern

First of all, I want to tell you what a friend of mine asked me the other day. She asked, “Tamara, do you ever just sit down and crochet a whole pattern from start to finish without changing something?” And I said, “Yes I have, but sometimes my brain wants to do something different. And that’s what happened with these Free Pattern Friday Pretty Purse Set crochet patterns. I had every intention of following the pattern, but then I decided to use the left over sock yarn from my crocheted socks.

The glasses case came out too big, so I got to thinking that I really needed a hook case for my new wooden hooks, and I thought this crochet piece might be just the right size. Well, guess what. It was.

Crochet Piece Pink Sweater and Fabric

Then it was off to my fabric stash to find just the right piece of fabric for the inside. On the way there, this pink sweater caught my eye, and I thought it would give just the right padding the hook case would need. Then I thought this green fabric (recycled from a shirt that no longer fit) would look good for a flap.

Purse Pretty Button Loop

Then I decided to make a tab from the neckline of a felted sweater. Then I was off looking for a button.

Me Poking a hole in sweater

Me Crocheting Sweater and crochet Piecet

Then I decided to poke-a-hole-in the sweater and crochet all the way around it so that I could connect the sweater and the crocheted piece. Then back to the sewing machine to sew the fabric and crochet piece together. After sewing the button and tab on, I decided I needed to add 2 snaps.

Hook Case all Rolled Up

My friend Pam was right. I don’t normally stick with a pattern without adding my own touches of funkiness to them. Whew…now I think I need a nap. I can’t wait to see all of your “Pretty Purse Sets” as you all can probably stay on task better than me. Ha! Ha!