Saturday, February 20, 2010

Preparations for Spring Market

My sister (Jackie) called me today and was telling me about the preparations for her trip to the International Quilt Market Spring 2010. She said that she was designing a new quilt pattern for her new line of fabric and would like my opinion on it and if it needed any crochet. Well, since I’m such a good sister, I stopped everything and went to her house.

Tiny Booth

She had to show me her tiny booth that our friend Stephanie had put together for her. I think my crocheted owls would feel right at home in her booth. What do you think?

Miniature Junk Bag

I mentioned in an earlier blog that Jackie’s newest pattern was the Junk Bag. Well, here’s the miniature version of the bag. Only Steph has the patience to make that tiny thing.

Now all Jackie has to do is recreate the tiny booth into her normal size booth, and it will be without her sister’s assistance this time. I will be staying back home to watch my little boy, Joshua, graduate from high school. Anyway, we had fun talking about her new quilt pattern and how she spent six hours playing in her tiny booth and laughing. Believe it or not, we decided that her quilt didn’t need any more crochet, except for a tree branch.