Friday, February 12, 2010

Free Pattern Friday: Hot Pad Roundup Crochet Patterns

FF Hot Pad Roundup Crochet Pattern

I chose these crochet patterns for this Free Friday because I had some sugar ‘n cream yarn in my stash and thought these would be something fun to make. I was right. They were fun to make, so I decided to use all the yarn from the skein and make as many as I could. These were the Super Size skeins, and I made one hot pad, two pot holders, and one tiny pot holder that I’ll give to my granddaughter to use in her play kitchen or when she helps her momma in the kitchen. She’s such a big help, and these were so much fun, I went out and purchased more yarn to make more of them.

Hot Pad Roundup

Here's what I made. I think I will take the hot pad and two pot holders and give them to my guild for a door prize at our next meeting. I hope you like making them as much as I did.