Friday, March 26, 2010

3/26/10 Free Pattern Friday: Pincushion Bonnet Crochet Pattern

Pincushion Bonnet Free Crochet Pattern

I chose this cute Pincushion Bonnet crochet pattern for today’s Free Pattern Friday because I don’t think you can ever have too many pincushions. I think you should decorate each room with at least one. You never know when you will need a pin or needle.

Anyway, when I started the pincushion, I started thinking about what I could put inside for the stuffing. I’ve been felting some wool sweaters lately and remembered that one of them felted really tight, and I thought that it should work really well for the inside of a pincushion.

Then, I started thinking about a quilt that I bought at a garage sale a while back. It was coming apart on the back, and I could clearly see that there was something other than batting on the inside. Much to my surprise, it was another quilt inside. I later found out that a long time ago when times were hard, quilters would use other things inside for batting, maybe another quilt that was starting to wear out or whatever they had on hand. Well, this quilter had placed a hand-stitched Lone Star quilt inside the other quilt. Unfortunately, the quilt was so worn out that I couldn’t salvage any of it, but it was fun finding it. I know you’re wondering what this has to do with a pincushion. Well, I’m going to tell you.

Lid from plastic ware

The quilt inside a quilt inspired me. I decided for my pincushion that I would make a cute little pincushion inside of another pincushion. The one inside would be made from two round pieces of a felted sweater and some of its ribbing. I used a round plastic lid and made circles for the top and bottom…

Bonnet Poked a Hole In Them

…then I poked-a-hole in them and crocheted around the circles. Then I cut a strip of ribbing and crocheted on each long edge, then crocheted the top to the ribbing, then crocheted the bottom to the ribbing, but before I sealed it up, I stuffed some yarn clippings inside and crocheted the opening up.

Pincushion Inside

I placed the felted pincushion inside the crocheted pincushion. It was almost too cute to hide away inside, but I think whoever ends up with my pincushion in 100 years will be very surprised to find such a special little treasure inside. What do you think?

My Version of Pincushion Bonnet