Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday, 3/20/10 Joshua and His Third Crochet Project

Joshua and His Third Project

Ok. I think I’ve hooked another one. What do you think? Joshua started his third project with some of the left over yarn from my Granny Square Swap. He wasn’t quite satisfied with the small choice of colors that were left and asked politely if I could get him some more Vanna’s Choice in more of a variety of colors. Since I’m such a nice mom, I went right to the store the next evening and picked him up ten different colors and some black for the borders.

Quick and Easy Afghan

He chose a pattern from Farmhouse Crochet called Quick and Easy Afghan. He has also taken over the basket that I crocheted. He puts his yarn and hook case in it and tucks it under his arm and carries it from room to room or just simply sits beside me on the couch. I’m really enjoying watching him and answering his questions along the way.

Picture of his Strips

I can’t wait until he starts the borders around each strip. I can’t believe how fast he is already, and he’s accurate, too. He’s already on the fourth strip of six that the pattern calls for. Tomorrow will week two. But remember, he did tell me he’s a natural. Ha! Ha!