Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cool Crochet Display & Gifts Ideas

I thought I would share with you all a little something that I dreamed up a couple of years ago and what one of my friends thought of.


My best friend Debbie gave me this etched vase one year for my birthday. I used it occasionally for cut flowers, but most of the time it sat on a shelf unseen until I would get flowers. One day, after I had completed some washcloths, I decided to see what the washcloths would look like in the vase, and I discovered that I liked being able to see the colors of the washcloths through the glass.

Lid with Etched Vase

Then, when I was cleaning out one of my cabinets, I found a plastic lid from a candle, and it was like a lightbulb going on. I thought maybe if I could crochet around it, it would fit right on top of the vase with the washcloths, and, voila, it worked. I think it looks good and it helps keep my washcloths clean and dust free. Now, I can enjoy looking at my washcloths and the pretty etched vase everyday and not just when I have fresh flowers.

Baby Vase

Another friend of mine, Susie, shared a fun thing she had come up with. She crocheted baby washcloths and rolled them up and put them in a ceramic BABY vase that she had gotten at the second hand store. She was making it for a friend for a baby shower she was attending. How cool is that?

Vintage Vase

Then, I have this turquoise vintage vase that I thought the washcloths would look cool in, too. I thought that it would be another cool idea to give a new mother a pretty vase with some special soaps or bath salts and some crocheted washcloths in her favorite colors.

Tell me about some of your cool ideas.