Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday, 3/25/10 My Crocheted Camera Case

Crocheted Camera Case

Look what I finally came up with for my camera case. I knew it was just a matter of getting out the rotary cutter, mat, and ruler to cut three-inch squares of felted sweaters, but that just takes me a long time to make up my mind to do. I love how making something new is so exciting that you don’t want to put it down until it’s done. That’s the way this project was going one morning this week. Of course, I did have to stop and go to work and then think about it all day until I got home and finally got back to it. After I cut the three-inch squares…

Camera Case Poke-a-hole-in-it

…I poked-a-hole in each piece and crocheted all around them. Then, I crocheted the pieces together and cut another piece for the bottom and both ends and crocheted around the edge of them and crocheted them together. Then, I crocheted all the way around the top of bag and made an opening on the next to the last row to run a drawstring through to draw the bag closed. Then, of course, it needed a little flower for embellishment. I am also going to line it with some fabric cut from a skirt. I’ll make sure I show you the finished bag as soon as I get the rotary cutter out again. Ha! Ha!