Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, 3/15/10 Hands and Some Faces at Twist

Me and Shelly Faces

I know this isn’t hands, but I couldn’t resist having Shelly take our picture as we were hugging. At our last crochet guild meeting, we learned to make a little sock. For a follow up to our program, Pam decided to do a crochet-along the next two Saturdays for the guild members that wanted some help completing socks. Well, I decided to join in on the fun, and once I got there and had wound my two balls of sock yarn, I decided not to make socks. I couldn’t help but get my camera out and start taking pictures. Most people know that when I’m around, my camera is not far from me, and I can at any given moment bring it out and start taking pictures. This day, I was intrigued by everyone’s hands.

Crocheting Hands One

Crocheting Hands Two

Crocheting Hands Three

Crocheting Hands Four

Crocheting Hands Five

Crocheting Hands Six

Crocheting Hands Seven

Crocheting Hands Eight

I love looking at the different way crocheters holds their yarn and hooks. I also enjoyed just being with my friends and watching their hands. If you look close enough, each one tells a story all its own.

Cutest Crochet Vest

Mimi was working very hard with her hands, too, but I couldn’t resist snapping this picture of her in that really cute crocheted vest.

Does anyone else out there like to watch hands at work like I do?