Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday, 3/11/10 March is National Crochet Month

National Crochet Month

Well, here it is—March. Did everyone know that March is designated as National Crochet Month? I’m not sure which year they did this, but if anyone knows, feel free to tell me. What a fun thing to do. I’ve thought about things that I could do in the month of March to celebrate National Crochet Month, but it seems like I already do a lot of them.

1. I promote the National Crochet Guild everywhere I go.
2. Promote Crochet Soiree.
3. I’m carrying on the presidency in my local crochet guild (which is a chapter of the national guild).
4. I’m organizing a display of crochet in the windows at our LYS for the month of March.
5. I crochet items for charity.
6. I try to wear something crochet every day.
7. I crochet every day. (Unless I’m so sick that I can’t hold a hook in my hand!)
8. I’ve recently tried a few new stitches—front post dc and back post dc.
9. I teach whoever wants to be taught to crochet.
10. I crochet in public.
11. I try new yarns and new hooks.
12. I'm trying to figure out which design I’m going to enter into the Crochet Design Contest for the Knit and Crochet show in July.

Tell me about some of the different things you’re going to do in the month of March to celebrate National Crochet Month. Maybe I need to include those in my list, too.